C.A.R Bullet Proof Series Exterior Coating

C.A.R Bullet Proof Series Exterior Coating

Our Connecticut car detailing company is pleased to announce that we are now offering special C.A.R. Bulletproof Series Coating for all of our clients!

What is C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating?

The C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating is an exciting new product that creates an incredibly protective barrier when applied to a vehicle. This coating is comprised of special glass nano particles that offer an unprecedented 2 years of guaranteed damage protection. For those scratches, dents, and swirls that already exist, C.A.R. bulletproof coating can layer on and is capable of 5 times its normal strength for extra-superior protection.

C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating offers superior protection against the following paint and trim woes:

  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Oil
  • UV rays
  • Water spots
  • Bird excrement
  • Traffic film

Honestly, our Connecticut detailing technicians were a bit skeptical when C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating first came out. But after numerous tests on a variety of vehicles, we have to say that C.A.R. is the real deal. This is a product that is made in the United States and offers incredible value to all of our clients at an incredibly low price. Depending upon your coverage choice, C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating is available for as low as $100, and that’s for 2  years of protection!

Available Places to Apply Bulletproof Coating

C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating can be applied to all of the following places…

  • Painted Surfaces
  • Metal Surfaces
  • Plastic Trim
  • Headlights
  • Lenses
  • Rims
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • And much more

The best time to apply C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating is as soon as possible! We are calling this the must-do New Car Treatment as the coating is most readily applied when the vehicle has little to no blemishes, scratches, etching, or similar types of contamination that can impede perfect bonding.

However, we do still believe this is great add on during any of our Paint Corrective Services where our expert Connecticut detailers restore your vehicle’s paint to its original beauty.

Still Unsure? Consider These Reasons for Why You Should Use C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating

This superior American-made coating continually outclasses traditional waxes and sealants thanks to its ability to…

  • Bulletproof Coating adds a quality thickness to paint
  • Bulletproof Coating stays cleaner longer
  • Bulletproof Coating excels at resisting against UV rays, scratches, and other marring
  • Bulletproof Coating excels at retaining that beautiful gloss
  • Bulletproof Coating can bead water and release dirt that has a water contact angle of up to 110 degrees
C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating

Get the C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating on Your Vehicle Today!

While no, this new Bulletproof Coating won’t protect against everything (we’re sure an actual bullet would probably penetrate your car door), it is an incredible high-value coating to add to your vehicle. Learn more about all the severe etches, scratches, and other general wear and tear protection this coating can provide for you by contacting our Connecticut office today!