About Us

About M&M Car Detailing in Connecticut

It All Started… in 1996 when my parents relocated the family from Boston to Glastonbury. I was a motivated 16 year old with big dreams and began detailing cars out of my parents garage.

Over time it grew…then grew some more…then all of a sudden the cul-de-sac we lived in was lined with cars as the word got out.

By the time M&M Auto Detailing LLC took form as a true business it was 1999 and I was graduating from GHS a struggling business owner, but tenacious entrepreneur.

I continued to push my dream over the next 4 years to develop the business. I dedicated time to obtain my Bachelors in Marketing/Advertising at UCONN. While battling a full UCONN course load I slowly develop the business. The struggle paid off as in 2003 I graduated UCONN with a BS in marketing & advertising and a minor in Communications and the business was thriving.

Many things seemed to fall into place quickly. Years have passed since then and now with an extensive client list, diverse auto detailing services, a reputation for quality, customer service and innovation I’ve achieved my dream with YOUR help of course…Thank You.

It All Continues…

Because of the amazing family members (customers) that have been dedicated, loyal, patient, trusting, and ever so supportive over the years.

Many of my customers have been with me since the first few years and have rode the roller coaster side by side with me. If it was not for you M&M Auto Detailing LLC would have been but a dream.

To all those who have join our detailing family over the past years. I thank you for your dedication, belief, and support. I have enjoyed how we have all become truly like a family.

To all those who are waiting to become part of our family please let us show you the meaning of customer service and quality. You may contact me personally at anytime…I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you to everyone!