Complete Detailing

Complete Car Detailing in Connecticut

The ultimate in vehicle restoration and protection. A complete detail will care, restore, and protect every square inch of your vehicle. Still looking for more out of your detail…ask us about paint correction, Ceramic Coatings and interior stain resistance upgrades. For a detailed description of our process visit our WHY US page.

Our deep interior detailing combined with our 4-step exterior detailing is unmatched! This is our best value and best way to have a better than showroom new vehicle again!

Starting at $295.00

Starting at $345.00

Starting at $425.00

NOTE(*). Pricing is based on vehicle condition. After a discussion and authorization by the customer, additional costs may be applied to heavy staining, pet hair ($50/HR), vomit, odor removal or severe conditions. Optional paint correction and wet sanding services and are available to remedy heavy scratches, oxidation, swirl marks, and other paint defects. Prices are an approximation only. Please stop in during business hours for an estimate.

EXAMPLES: SM SUV = CRV, RAV4, RX350. 3rd ROW SUV/TRUCKS = Pilot, Tahoe, Highlander, RAM 1500. MINIVAN/OVERSIZED = Sienna, Odyssey, Suburban, Expedition. These are simply meant as examples.

Interior Automotive Detail

Our interior automotive detailing services include the following:

  • Clean and Condition All Leather or Cloth Upholstery
  • Clean and Condition All Interior Panels
  • Door Jams Cleaned & Wiped Down
  • Heated Extraction Stain and Spot Removal
  • Headliner Cleaned
  • Trunk Compartment Vacuumed and Steam Cleaned
  • Vacuum and Steam Clean Carpets, Mats, Seats and Panels
  • Vents and Crevices Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned Inside and Out
  • Every square inch cared for!

Includes:   Exterior 4 Step Cleaning

Exterior Automotive Detail

Our exterior automotive detailing services include the following:

  • STEP ONE: The Bath

    • Hand wash & dry vehicle exterior
    • Wipe down door jams & gas tank areas
    • Wheels & tires are cleaned and treated
    • Foam Cannon and MetroVac Drying process = NO SCRATCHES!
  • STEP TWO: Clay Bar Process

    • Removes bugs, tar and surface contaminants
    • Removes red iron deposits
  • STEP THREE: Glaze/Polish

    • Levels out the paint bringing a smooth silky feel
    • Leaves clear coat clean and smooth for a mirror finish
    • Removes very minor paint imperfections
    • Opens clear coat for deep penetration of sealant
  • STEP FOUR: Hand Applied Ceramic Sealant

    • Provides superior protection and gloss
    • Enhances clear coat and produces a deep “wet” look
    • Protects against acid rain, UVA/B rays, bird droppings, tree sap & more
    • Up to 9 months of protection


If you are looking for paint correction to remove scratches, swirl marks, or etched in stains from tree sap/bird droppings and more, please come in during business hours for an estimate. Our 3-stage paint correction process, done by buffing and wet sanding, can be added to our exterior detail starting at $350.