Purteq Car Odor Removal

Purteq Car Odor Removal Services in Connecticut

The longer we own our vehicles the more inevitable it is to develop an odor issue. Maybe its mold or mildew from storing a vehicle or accidentally leaving the windows open in a rainstorm, maybe you have recently quit smoking or purchased a used vehicle from a smoker, maybe those happy hours turned a little less happy and a bit “messier” than expected. Life happens and when it does, we got you covered!

Automotive Odor & Smell Removal in CT

Store bought odor removing products will only cover up smells on a temporary basis. Our car odor cleaning services use the latest in hospital grade cleaning products to remove the smell from its source. Bacteria, germs, and allergens will also be wiped clean in the process.

The Pureteq cleaning system had been scientifically designed to kill bacteria and germs in an efficient and safe manner. Thru this four-step process the products will vaporize and sanitize pet smells, smoke, mold, mildew, vomit and other sources of odor while preventing the growth of additional mold, algae, and bacteria. Please note, this process is NOT successful against issues relating to rodent, urine, gasoline and some food related spills such as spoiled milk.

Purteq Car Odor Removal Services in Connecticut

This process starts with our standard interior detail. We will then apply Pureteq’s proprietary SMOK and SHOK cleaning system. In an unusual fashion, fog machines will be run twice through your vehicles interior and heating/AC systems using aforementioned products to intensely sanitize and odorize the interior. After wiping down with water, Prevent will be applied so that a constant barrier of protection will be applied to assure that you won’t have any return issues. In most cases, this is a permanent solution not a cover up!

Give us a call today and allow one of the most trusted professionals in Connecticut to resolve your interior odor issues. It will increase the quality of your family’s life and protect the value of your vehicle.