Why Us


We all work hard for our money and price will always be an important factor when shopping for
any service but too often we forget about value. Shopping for your next auto detailer is not like
buying a TV as each business is different and it is impossible to compare apples to apples.
However, we can shop value and after 23 years in this industry I know one thing…you can not
properly detail a vehicle, inside and out, in 2 hours! Too many places around our area offer this
level of detailing the price is right but the value, to me as a professional, is simply appalling.

I’ve spent decades differentiating ourselves as a small family business treating everyone who walks thru our doors as I would a member of my own family. Taking each vehicle in as if it were my own and detailing it accordingly for a price that is more than fair and a value that is unbeatable.

Our interior detailing process alone is a 3+ hour cleaning process that is simply unsurpassed in our industry! We do not wipe down your vehicle and quickly vacuum it and return it to you like many other places. We pre-vacuum and pre-treat all surfaces including the trunk, then use our heated carpet extractor followed by our rotary scrub brush ran off our air compressor to remove deep stains from all your fabric surfaces. We then use air tools to blast out sand, dirt or any deep down debris from carpets and upholstery while we perform our wet dry vacuum process which includes using a flashlight to ensure we see and remove every spec of dirt possible! All panels, leather seating, headliners, and even windows get safely steam cleaned with our wand steaming system (gentler version of an extractor), scrubbed, blown out with air tools, brushes, etc and wiped down. Finally, we UV Protect all plastic surfaces, condition all leather surfaces, and streak free clean all interior windows. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own and I GUARANTEE no one can beat the VALUE we bring to each vehicle that comes into our business.

Our 7 step exterior detailing process which also takes 3 hours is above and beyond what any of our competitors offer. We start by pre-treating the entire vehicle to loosen debris, tar, bugs, brake dust, etc. We then cover then entire vehicle in a thick layer of soapy foam to further enhance our exterior preparations. While we soak your vehicle, we clean all the wheels, tires, fender liners, door jambs, gas cap, tail pipes, plastic trim etc. Once this has been completed, we rinse the vehicle with our pressure washer and begin our thorough prep process to get your vehicle ready for buffing. To do this we reapply a PH Neutral foamy bath and use our clay bar over each panel to remove all the bugs, tar, road grim and level out the clear coat for a contaminant free surface. The vehicle is then dried, and all crevices are blow out with out air tools to ensure we have a perfectly clean and debris free slate so we can start buffing. Then the fun begins!!! Our multiple levels of buffing are designed to build layers of protection, enhance your vehicles finish while removing minor paint imperfections and leave a smooth high gloss shine that will be the envy of every neighbor! This process takes time, is meticulous and is done with specialty equipment, highly trained and IDA Certified  technicians to ensure the absolute best results possible.

Some will look at this page and say WOW this is a lot to read but for those who value your money, as we all do, you now have a better understanding of our business, my personality, and the value I offer to each customer that chooses to support our small family business. This is not a job for me… it’s a lifestyle and one that I am passionate about and truly enjoy sharing with you all which is why I wanted to take the time to describe in detail what we do to each vehicle that our customers entrust to us. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for the opportunity to assist you.