Wethersfield, CT

Wethersfield, CT Car Detailing

We are M&M, a premium auto detailing company located near Wethersfield, CT. Based out of Glastaonbury, CT, we have been servicing the Wethersfield, CT and surrounding areas for over twenty years, and we are proud to be a part of this historic community.  Your car isn’t just your source of transportation, it’s also a part of your personality. We know you want someone who can not only handle the cleaning but also treat your car with the best care it deserves. From express detailing to handwash, we know how to preserve of your vehicle. You can trust that we provide the best auto detail services in the Wethersfield, CT.

Wethersfield Car Detailing Services 

Top-of-the-line detailing, we’ll have your automobile absolutely sparkling. We’ll hand wash your treasured car with attention and care. Door jams, windows, cup holders, and under the seats, our specialists will leave no spots untouched.  From shampooed carpets, to stain removals, we pay attention to detail. You can leave your car in our skillful hands.

We offer multiple options to keep your car looking brand new. Here at M&M auto detailing we don’t only wash your car, we tend to a multitude of your car’s needs.  After a visit with us, your car will shine like you just pulled off of the lot. Our services include:

  • Express Wash Detailing
  • Complete Odor Removal
  • Custom-Cut Protective Exterior Coating
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Dent Removal
  • Window Tinting

Our high-quality window tint installation comes with a lifetime warranty. Our tints will not fade and are scratch resistant.  While reducing UV’s,  the tint will help prevent the fading of the seats and carpet due to sun exposure. With our headlight restoration service, we’ll get your headlights back to clean and clear. Our custom protective exterior coating will reduce damage to your car caused by the elements. Want stain resistant fabric? Guard your interior with our fabric protection.

Servicing the Wethersfield, CT  and surrounding areas since 1996, our team started with a passion for auto detailing and premium car care. We have earned the trust of our clientele with our strong reputation to deliver outstanding results. Our auto detailing experts are trained and experienced in delivering the best care for your car. Along with superior services, we offer we our seasoned customer service along with our highly knowledgeable team. We know cars because we are not just a company, we are auto enthusiasts as well. We are dedicated to the delivering of proper car care.

Make us your local one stop shop near Wethersfield, CT. Give your car the attention it deserves. Bring it in, and our team of experts will recommend a package that is perfect for you. Call us today or make a visit.