3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series™

3M Pro™ Paint Protection Clear Film

3M Clear Vehicle Films are simply the best in the industry! Our in house specialists can custom cut each piece of film to create a unique level of protection for your vehicle.

Dealerships charge $899-$1499 for a standard 3M kit depending on vehicle type but since we eliminate the middle man we can offer the same level of protection at a significant discount! We offer standard and full kit installation but can custom cut any piece of film to fit any area you desire…simply ask us for more information.

3m Car Film Connecticut

Learn About 3M Paint Protection Film

What Is It?

Paint protection film, or “clear bra” as it is sometimes known, is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish on your vehicle. The tough, durable, virtually invisible urethane film will keep your vehicle looking newer longer, without changing the design features or color, by creating a barrier and protecting vulnerable impact areas. Preserving the finish of your vehicle with paint protection film (PPF) can also enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future (REF 3M Website.) Once installed 3M PPF will keep your vehicles paint looking great while stopping road chips, rust, bug damage and can reduce scratching.

What Products Do We Carry

We exclusively offer 3M Scotchgard Pro series paint protection film. Scotchgard Pro in our opinion is the clearest, most durable, highly advanced film 3M has put out to date! It is nearly invisible, has self healing properties giving it unrivaled scratch and stain resistance, virtually maintenance free, will not yellow and the warranty is now 10 years on the Pro Series.

What Does It Cost?

We can custom cut 3M Clear Vehicle Film to protect any surface of your vehicle such as trunk entrance, door cups, door edges, rocker panels, and gas doors are a few customer favorites but our few most popular packages are listed below and are standard pricing with installation for most vehicles.

          Standard Kit: Front Bumper, Partial Hood, Partial Fenders, Both Headlights, Both Mirrors: ONLY $799 INSTALLED!

          Full Kit: Front Bumper, Entire Hood, Entire Fenders, Both Headlights, Both Mirrors: ONLY $1699 INSTALLED!

          Hybrid Kit: Front Bumper, Entire Hood, Partial Fenders, Both Headlights, Both Mirrors: ONLY $1399 INSTALLED!

Common Add Ons:

  • Rocker Panels: custom cut: $250
  • Door Cups, Door Edge Guards & Trunk: $199 (wear & tear pkg)
  • Headlights Only: $75

For more information or to make an appointment Contact us today!

CT Car Film Installation

This 2013 Subaru BRZ was protected with 3M Clear Vehicle Film. The hood, fenders, bumper, headlights and mirrors were covered by our standard kit. We also custom cut the door cups, door edges and rocker panels to prevent additional damage.