Antique Classic Car Detailing Connecticut

Antique & Classic Car Detailing Services at M&M

Whether you simply drive an antique or classic car or you collect them, chances are you will need detailing services at one point. Fortunately, here at M&M Auto Detailing based in Connecticut, we offer a number of detailing services for the owners of antique and classic cars. For more information about the detailing services we provide here at M&M Auto Detailing, read below.

Complete Detailing

If you want to return your antique or classic car to pristine condition, you should have a complete detailing performed for your vehicle here at M&M Auto Detailing. Our complete detailing service is essentially a combination of our interior detailing service and our exterior detailing service. Therefore, complete detailing offers customers ultimate protection and vehicle restoration. Our complete detailing service is the best value and an easy way to return your vehicle to factory condition again. The complete detailing is thorough, but we are gentle to ensure your antique or classic car suffers no damage.

Exterior Detailing

Most owners of antique or classic cars would likely agree that protecting the exterior finish of a car is a vital aspect of
maintenance. As you may know from experience, Connecticut weather can be incredibly damaging to the exterior finish of a antique or classic car. Snow, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, and UV damage can all inflict major damage to the exterior finish. Fortunately, you can have exterior detailing performed for your vehicle here at M&M. Not only will our 7-step exterior detailing process help protect the finish, but it will boost resale value and keep the car looking like new.

Interior Detailing

Of course, the condition of the interior of an antique or classic car is just as important as the condition of the exterior. This is especially true now, when many people practically live in their vehicles. Unfortunately, the interior of a vehicle can get into disarray fairly quickly. However, there is almost nothing an interior detailing won’t be able to fix.

During the interior detailing process, you can count on our professionals to make the interior of your vehicle practically perfect again. We will clean and condition all upholstery, interior panels, and door jams. Once we are through, you won’t feel  embarrassed to pick up friends.

Express Detailing

We offer express detailing packages to our customers who want the detailing job to be done quickly but thoroughly. We offer three different packages for express detailing. These packages are platinum, silver, and bronze and priced from $50 to $20. Keep in mind that all of the express packages we offer are appointment-only.
For more information about the detailing services we offer for antique and classic cars here at M&M Auto Detailing, don’t hesitate contact us.

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