Car Paint Film Protection

The Benefits of Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film

Just about everyone has had a car at some point in their life that has had scratches that were irritating to look at and could have easily been avoided had there been a protective coat. This is where Scotchgard Paint Protective Film really comes into play.

This highly durable colorless urethane film is designed to keep your car or truck looking clean as though it was still fresh off the lot by preventing scuffs and scratches.

What will Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Protect Your Car, Truck or SUV From?

Scratches, dings and scuffs happen all the time – often times without even you noticing – while you’re driving out and about.  These everyday hazards can range from a runaway shopping cart at the grocery store, to sand on the roads or even a lightly brush-up against a car door when stepping in.  It doesn’t take much, but those scratch marks will add up – creating an eye sore and lowering the value of your vehicle. As with most aspects in life, prevention is cheaper (and easier) than dealing with the problem once it has occurred.

Here are Some Common Forms of Damage that 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection will protect your vehicle from:

  1. WeatherHarsh weather is one of the fastest ways that you will see damage occur to your car or truck. From hot blazing sun to common deep freezes can affect the paint of your car in a negative way, especially when combined with time. Scotchgard paint protection is one of the most effective ways, to fight the harsh conditions of weather – especially for us New England drivers!
  2. Road DebrisDebris while driving is as common as the wind, and we all have seen this debris come in many forms of trash or unsecured items on the beds of trucks. The protective coat offered by Scotchgard is a great way to protect from many of these unforeseen hazards that you are sure to come across.
  3. Sand and Stones – We’ve all had those days were we get stuck behind a truck of some sorts hauling sand or stone and have had to sit helplessly while our car or truck is bombarded with troublesome and at times extremely damaging sand and stones. Scotchgard paint protection is the perfect solution to this irritating and often expensive dilemma you are sure to face if you spend any amount of time on the road at all.
  4. Bug damage – Believe it or not, all those bugs you are hitting while commuting are extremely damaging to your cars paint job, this damage comes different forms. These forms of damage range from direct scratches and nicks, to more severe damage caused by the acidic properties held within certain insects.
  5. Chemicals and Acids – As said in the previous paragraph acid from bugs is one of the most damaging elements to that of paint although it’s not an aspect most are aware of. However there are several other forms of damaging chemicals and acids that can be found in water and rains that will effectively shorten the length of your cars paint job. This is where Scotchgard Paint Protection is a powerful ally in the fight against corrosive chemicals and substances that you are sure to come in contact with regardless of where you live or what you are using your vehicle for.

The Pros Use Scotchgard Paint Protection so You may as Well Too

If the professionals at NASCAR appreciate the benefits of Scotchgard paint protection enough to use it to keep their racecars looking pretty, don’t you think that using it for your car or truck is something to think about. And not only does NASCAR use it to protect the some of the world’s most expensive cars, bit it Is the only licensed paint protection filmed used by the teams at NASCAR.

Scotchgard Paint Protection isn’t Just for Cars and Trucks

This is something to think about, the protective coat offered by Scotchgard was designed to fit all of your needs. This coating is perfect for everything from boats and RVs to cars and trucks. You can also use it effectively on motorcycles and ATVS as well as Jet Skis and Trailers of all sorts and types. And with the help of a professional applicator and installer you should have no problem getting Scotchgard paint protection installed on your vehicles to keep them beautiful and hold their value.

All and all Scotchgard paint protection is the perfect way to keep your favorite vehicle looking ‘car-lot fresh’ and help maintain it’s value!
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