Bird Poop Car

Beware of Bird Droppings!

Doesn’t it stink (figuratively and literally) when birds decide to do their business on your car? Not only is it a yucky hassle to clean off your car, but the randomness of the whole thing makes it that much worse when it happens. To elaborate, you could be on a night out with your date in that beautiful luxury car of yours, you go downtown for a bite to eat, and what do you find when you arrive back at your vehicle?

Those chunky white splotches that make even the most exotic of cars look a little less luxurious. It always seems to happen right after you’ve washed it or have come back from M&M Auto Detailing, doesn’t it?

What many don’t know is that bird droppings are actually quite acidic, which means that these natural decorations left on your car can have effects that last longer than bystanders shaking their heads.  However, it’s not just the bird droppings alone that affect your paint.  It’s the mixture of the hot summer sun and the bird droppings that can really cause damage.

The sun expands and warms the paint on your vehicle. When a bird does it’s business on your car, it bakes in the sun and hardens.  When vehicle cools down the paint then contracts, while the droppings stay hardened, which in turn – can cause paint damage.  Your vehicle’s paint job can be permanently damaged. So, be sure to remove such droppings quickly!

It’s advisable that you wash the stained areas thoroughly. Using seltzer water will take care of anything that doesn’t come off with a light scrub. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end with a deteriorating paint job. Bird droppings carry bacteria that can cause dangerous diseases to humans, so be sure to wash your hands if you come in contact with the droppings while washing.  So, after cleaning your vehicle, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

Hopefully the importance of keeping your car dropping-free has sunk in, it can cause more damage than you think!  If your vehicle has been bombarded by a flock of angry birds, feel free to contact a professional auto detaliler!
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