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Professional Car Detailing Tips & Tricks

Most of us are aware of the term ‘auto detailing‘ but there is a lot more to it than throwing some soap and water on your car and wiping it down.  Not only using the proper chemicals/cleaners and equipment is essential but also how you use these cleaners and equipment is critical.  Combining proper technique with effective cleaners will result in a fantastic end product.

Here at M&M Auto Detailing, we get asked A LOT of questions on how one should do this and do that.  Here are some great tips from the pros!

Cleaning Tips from the PROS

  • Think ‘sequence’.  Don’t jump all over the place. Cleaning in a proper pattern will save time and reduce re-cleaning of areas.  Think about if something needs time to dry – maybe address that first.
  • When you start cleaning the carpets and rugs, clean the driver’s side first and foremost – this allows the maximum amount of time to dry so that when you hop in your vehicle it’s no longer damp!
  • Got an extra air can lying around? Or a compressor (even better!)? Blast out dust and debris in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle before you vacuum – this will save you a ton of time!
  • A lot of people assume you can use interior cleaners on clear plastics – this is often NOT the case!  These cleaners can actually damage areas like the instrument panel cover and other plastics.
  • Clean the interior of your windows last.  Odds are you’ll get some dirt, grime and cleaning product on them during the interior cleaning process so it’s best to save them for the end.
  • Got Tree Sap? Avoid harsh scrubbing and scraping. Use Rubbing Alcohol – this is both safe and effective.
  • Do not carry your rags over from cleaning processes.  The last thing you need is a the rag you used on your wheels to be used on your paint – not pretty!
  • Avoid cleaning your car in direct sunlight (especially when it’s quite hot) and after you’ve been out driving.  This will cause water spots.
  • A polisher/buffer can produce fantastic results BUT only use one if you’re familiar with the process.  If you’re unsure of using such equipment, don’t test it out on your new corvette – you’ll be sorry!
  • Use multiple pails. Fill one bucket with clean, rinse water and one with your soap and water solution.  Otherwise you’ll be dipping your rag over and over into a single, soiled bucket.
  • Use a high quality drying towel.  They’re designed to absorb a lot of water and not scratch the paint surface.
  • READ the instructions on cleaning products and chemicals – it’s worth taking a few moments to ensure you’re using the product properly and safely.
  • When cleaning the windows, roll down them down a bit so you don’t miss the very top area.
  • Here’s another great tip for windows:  When you wipe down the windows on the exterior, clean one way.  Clean the interior windows the opposite way
  • Use Wax!  A lot of people rarely wax (if ever!) their vehicle.  Most have no idea the protective attributes that a good coat of wax can offer.  Routine waxing can mean the difference in maintaining your cars original shine or not.

The overall theme of the above tips is to use judgment, read instructions and think before applying/cleaning.  After-all, this isn’t just any car – it’s your car, take pride in your vehicle!  Check back soon for more tips!
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