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Keep Your Car Organized with These 5 Gadgets!

Do you find your vehicle is a flat out ‘pig sty’ after a few days of driving because of how busy you are? Well, we may have a solution for you.  Check out these nifty gadgets to help keep your car neat organized day in and day out!

The Drop Stop Automotive Car Seat Gap Filler
French fries, gum, straws, change, you name it – we’ve all been there when we drop an item in between the seats – which seems to consume anything and everything like a black hole, never to be seen again!

This filler comes in one size and can be adjusted to fill most gaps between a vehicle’s front seat and its center console. It was built for use in most models of cars and trucks. Its universal black color allows it to blend nicely with any vehicle’s interior colors.

The Drop Stop Automotive Car Seat Gap Filler is easy to install, with a slot that wraps itself around the seat belt catch to fill that gap as well, and with the ability to follow the movements of the front seat as it gets adjusted forward and backwards. The filler give you an easy, inexpensive way of keeping your important items from falling into the gap between your seat and your console, and keeping you from thinking that you lost them or having to dig through a hard to reach space for a phone or another item as you are driving.

Heininger 1065 CommuteMate DashGrip
Place the 6” by 7” CommuteMate DashGrip pad on your dashboard, or move it to your other vehicle’s dashboard. The pad will adapt to all of your dashboard’s curves, even the sloping ones. You will not need to use an adhesive to hold the pad, or a cloth to wipe residues off the pad’s site. CommuteMate DashGrip will allow your MP3 players, sunglasses, cell phone, coins, keys and other small items to cling to the dashboard for convenient access, and will keep them from sliding if your dashboard is too sloping or if you make a sudden maneuver as you are driving.

CommuteMate DashGrip helps you stay organized and reduces the clutter in your vehicle.

Armor All’s 12-Volt Hand Vacuum
This small, wet-dry vacuum is built to clean all of your vehicle’s interior. It is able to grab wet dirt as well as dry dirt.

Armor All’s 12-Volt Hand Vacuum’s 15-foot, 12-volt power cord can be plugged into your vehicle and provides you with the ability to reach the entire length of your vehicle. The vaccum allows you to easily clean the dark, and the hard to reach, places in your vehicle’s interior using the built-in LED light and retractable crevice tool. This vacuum’s filter can be removed and then cleaned for future uses. The vacuum comes pre-assembled in a non slip bag, together with its accessories that include a brush for dry cleaning.

Talus TrashStand Floor Litterbag
This litterbag is particularly useful in trucks, minivans, and SUV’s. It grips the vehicle’s floor and stays in place when the vehicle is in motion.

This spill-proof, collapse-resistant litterbag is made of MDF-fiber-enhanced ragged pack cloth. It comes in two sizes, Compact (8” x 5” 3/4 x 8” 1/4) and XL (9” x 6”1/4 x 10”) with an attached hook, a weighted base, and grip strips to keep it in place.  It has side pockets that you can use to hold your wipes, and a strong lid to hide the contents of the litter bag. You may line the litter bag with a plastic bag, or just use it as it is, and wipe it clean with a damp sponge.

Car Laptop/Eating Steering Wheel Desk
This tray is light-enough, but study-enough, to carry around and attach to your steering wheel should you need to use it as a desk to hold your laptop, your lunch, or your coffee.

Steering Wheel Desk can be attached to your steering wheel, or stowed away in a back seat pocket, in matter of seconds. It is a great companion to those whose work requires them to be on the road, or use their car as a mini-office in which they may need to use a tablet computer, write some notes on a pad, or have lunch while at work. The Steering Wheel Desk has a writing side that is flat and an eating/drinking side that is equipped with holders for your lunch’s cup and plate.

Hook up your vehicle with some of these gadgets to help keep your vehicle clean and organized day in and day out!

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