Prevent Car Sun Damage

Car Sun Damage Prevention

With summer just around the corner we wanted to post some tips on the sun and your vehicle’s paint.  Sun Damage and your Paint is a hot topic, literally.  Most people don’t know it but continued intense sun exposure can cause damage to your paint, interior and trim.

Think of your car’s exterior like your body.  Most of us try and reduce extensive exposure to the hot summer sun and if we do, we protect ourselves.  The same mentality should apply to your vehicle.  Your car paint cannot fight against the damage that can be caused by the sun rays without proper care and protection. Check out these tips to prevent such damage!

Look For Cover!

If possible, you should always ensure you look for covered parking areas/garages whenever you go out instead of just leaving your car under the harsh elements of the sun.  This applies especially to those that find themselves parking in the same spot, day after day, that has the sun beating down from morning til’ night. See if you can find a parking garage, overhang or building that will keep your car in the shade while you’re working.  Not only will your car be much cooler when you return but you’ll prevent damge to the paint, interior and trim (we see fading trim quite often!).

Dodge The Sun During Your Wash

Most of us love the idea of washing our cars in the summer.  However, one should know that it is not recommended that you wash your car in extreme heat.  Washing your car in the sun will cause everything to dry too fast which can cause water spots and leave residue.  Not to mention, if you use a buffer of some sort, this can actually cause damage because the paint/vehicle’s exterior is so hot.


One of the best preventative measures for sun damage is a proper waxing. Not only is waxing one of the best ways to keep your car looking brand new but it also protects! It will help protect your car paint from damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Direct sunlight can peel off your car paint and failure to wax your car can cause permanent damage to its paint job.

Don’t forget to polish your vehicles trim as well – trim is very susceptible to fading  as well.  You may want to consider a Sun Shade which will protect your cars interior from fading (this includes the carpet, dash etc.)

The hot sun can cause more damage than you think, follow these steps to keep your car protected!
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