Why We Use Suntek Window Tints

The Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Adding tint to car windows is often considered a type of personal preference by the average car owner, but there are actually a great many useful benefits that today’s consumer may not have considered. Increased safety, improved visibility, and even better protection of our car’s interiors are just a few of the many advantages.

Increased Safety
Factory installed windows are specially designed to reduce the possibility of injury during an auto accident. But window tinting takes it to a whole new level. The added tint actually creates a shatter proofing feature which keeps the broken glass intact and in place. This means that drivers are less likely to fall victim to lacerations and eye injuries with potentially thousands of tiny shards of glass from a crash. This extra safety feature also better protects your car from theft or vandalism because most car thieves are well aware that window tint doesn’t shatter.

Improved Driving
Driving in direct sunlight is not only an annoyance, but it can also be a serious hazard. A high quality window tint will significantly reduce the glare from blinding sun. Many car owners are also under the mistaken impression that window tint will obstruct their vision while driving at night. But in reality, the complete opposite is closer to the truth. Car tint also helps to reduce the negative effects of headlight glare from oncoming traffic.

Better Interiors Protection
The harmful UV rays of sunlight can do some rather sever damage to our cars’ interiors over time – boy do we know it! Dashboards can become cracked and warped, and our interior upholstery will slowly begin to fade and deteriorate right before our very eyes. But with the proper window tinting, car owners can block out over 99% of these harmful UV rays and keep car interiors looking showroom new. And think of the benefits that this will have on your skin. Decreased exposure to harmful UV radiation slows the aging process considerably.

Decreased Heat
Window tinting will keep the interior of your car much cooler during those sweltering summer months. This means that you will open the door of your car to a much more inviting temperature without having to wait several minutes for the air conditioning to crank up. Your car will also stay much cooler for far longer while driving, improving the gas mileage and performance of your vehicle because your air conditioner will not be required to work as hard.

Added Privacy
Let’s be honest. We all love our privacy.  Window tint adds a significant level of additional personal privacy. It also gives valuable peace of mind by obscuring vision into the automobile while parked in public spaces, better protecting your personal belongings inside from theft or burglary. By tinting your car windows, you will never again have to worry about hiding your valuables out of sight or storing them in the trunk of your car. Window tinting is not just a personal preference it’s an addition that many drivers could benefit from!
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One thought on “The Benefits of Car Window Tinting

  1. September 14, 2016

    I thought tinting the windows of a car was only done for limos and celebrities! I didn’t know that you could tint the windows on your own car to increase the safety and making the windows shatter proof. I wonder if tinting the windows also increases the value of your car and helps you should you need to sell your car. I’ll have to look into doing this for my own car!

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