How To Keep Your Car Clean When You Have Messy Kids!

How To Keep Your Car Clean When You Have Messy Kids!

If you’re a parent who drives around their kids from time to time, you understand the dismay of looking at your back seat to an array of mystery spills, food crumbs, toys, and troubling interior damage. Regardless of your own personal vehicle habits, your car can turn into a hot mess quickly without a good set of car rules and practices for the kids riding in the back seats. Aside  daily trips around town, road trips can be an even bigger hassle when it comes to keeping your car in good condition. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your car  clean even through those long car rides with messy kids.

No Food Rule

A very simple solution to a crumb-filled back seat is establishing a no food rule while inside the car. Prohibiting food to be eaten while on a drive will significantly reduce spills and food from hiding in between seat crevices. If you simply ride with your kids in the car for short trips, this will be an easy rule to enforce. However, it may not be the most popular rule for a road trip. In this instance, try limiting the snacks to foods that are easy to eat.

Cupcake Liners in Cup Holders

You know all of those cupcake liners that you have laying around that you’ll probably never use? They actually come in handy! A creative way of keeping the cup holders in your car clean is by placing those extra cupcake liners right inside of them. This will not only keep the inside of the cup holders clean, but also makes cleaning out trash placed into the cup holders a breeze. Just simply remove the cupcake liners, throw them away, and replace them with new ones when needed.

Bath Rug as a Floor Mat

The car floor mats can often take the most damage, whether from dirty shoes or spilled food and drinks. If you have some extra bath rugs lying around, try placing a few underneath the seats of your car. This will not only protect the car floor mats, but it also makes it easy to clean up any food droppings. You can easily remove the bath rug and shake it over your trash can.

Behind the Seat Trash Bag and Seat Cover

An easy way to control the trash left in the back seat is by placing a reusable trash bag behind either or both ofthe front seats. This will help with easy clean up and will be simple to use even for the younger kids.

If you have a car with light colored interior and you find a lot of damage on the back of the front seats, try investing in a behind the seat cover.  These covers are great kick guards and prevent damage from kicking and smudging.

We hope these tips and tricks will help aid you in keeping the car clean – even with your messy kids inside!