How to Prevent Car Dings in the Garage

How to Prevent Car Dings in the Garage

If you want to keep your car in good condition, it’s best to keep it in your garage. This is especially true if you live in an area with a particularly harsh climate. Of course, a vehicle in a garage isn’t safe from all perils. Here are a few tips that will help you prevent car dings when you keep your automobile in the garage.

Storing Multiple Vehicles in the Garage

A common cause of car dings is storing multiple vehicles in the garage. Most garages are rather small, so it is very easy for one vehicle to dent another vehicle in the garage during the parking process. One thing you can do to prevent car dings in the garage is clean the clutter and remove all unnecessary bulk items. That way, there will be more space for vehicles to park, reducing the risk of car dings. If you have many household items and yard tools in your garage, you may have to get a shed built to store these items.

It is also important to consider that large household items and yard tools may also inflict damage to your car. This is especially true if you keep the items and tools stored in very cramped spots in your garage. Therefore, it’s best to remove these household items and yard tools altogether from your garage.

Teach Your Children to Be Careful

No matter how clutter-free your garage is, you will likely still be pressed for space if you’re trying to fit two vehicles into a garage. Young kids are a very common source of car dings. Therefore, you should teach your children to be careful when getting out of the car, especially if they happen to be in the garage. Not only will this prevent your children from dinging your cars, but it will also prevent your children from dinging the cars of other people in public or in parking lots.

Get a Car Door Protector

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are with your car when storing it in the garage, it will still likely be susceptible to car dings. Therefore, you should consider purchasing car door protectors for your vehicles. Usually, car door protectors are made
out of high impact foam to absorb car door bumps. That way, if your child accidentally opens the door of a vehicle with too much force, the other car parked in the garage won’t get dinged.

I-Protect System

Instead of getting a car door protector, you should also consider getting the i-Protect. This system works by preventing the car door from opening before it can collide into another object. This system utilizes sensors to detect the presence of other objects.

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