How to Prevent Road Salt Rust & Damage on Your Car

How to Prevent Road Salt Rust & Damage on Your Car

The winter season comes with ice and snow on the roads, which can be dangerous for travel. It’s obvious the local authority is busy plowing and using a combination of salt and sand to melt the snow and ice to prevent vehicles from skidding and sliding. That lowers the chances of accidents occurring.

However, the application of salt on the road raises another concern for the car owners. Prolonged exposure of the car to the road salt causes damages. Rust forms when water and air combine to form a crust on your vehicle. The road salt accelerates merely the corrosion of the exposed metal parts. We discuss ways of preventing road salt rust and damage on your car;

Wax Your Car

If you want to ensure adequate protection for your car, the best time to start is before the snow falls. Give your vehicle a thorough wash, the underneath included. Apply a coat of wax followed by a wax sealant so the wax can adhere to the vehicle’s paint.

When sealing the underside of your vehicle, be sure to focus on the brake and fuel lines as they’re extremely susceptible to corrosion and rust. If neglected to rust, the odds are high they’ll fail and cause an accident. The best practice it to wax at least every three months.

Wash the Car Regularly

It may sound ridiculous to wash your car knowing too well that it’ll get dirty when you drive a few inches on your driveway. But washing is one of the best ways of combating corrosion and rust on your vehicle.

Be sure to use hot water for washing as cold water will get your car frozen. When salt is left for a long duration on the surface of the vehicle, it will not only affect the finish but also start to impact negatively on its mechanics.

Use Rubber Mats on the Floor

When entering the car, your shoes will carry salty snow below them, which will melt inside the car and rust the carpet. Besides, exposing the floor to salty snow and dirt will give you the hard task of scrubbing. Lay some rubber mats on the floor and you’ll not only prevent damage but also make cleaning the interior easier.

Fix Scratches Immediately

If your car gets scratches, make sure that you have them correct right away because salty snow on the roads will rust your vehicle. Automotive products stores have touch-up paints that you can apply to fill the paint chip.

Simply because winter will expose your car to dirt and snow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for it. Waxing, regular washing, customized rubber floor mats are some of the best ways to navigate the snowy winter without any damages to your car.