Motorcycle Detailing Connecticut

Looking for Motorcycle Detailing in Connecticut? Contact M&M!

If you’re looking for motorcycle detailing in Connecticut, M&M Auto Detailing offers quality service backed by nearly 20 years of experience.

Looking for a reputable motorcycle detailer in Connecticut? Many of our customers know M&M Auto Detailing as a strictly car detailing business but did you know we also offer Motorcycle Detailing?

Just like our automotive detailing customers, our motorcycle customers trust us to guard their motorcycles from the often severe New England weather with our professional cleaning and protection techniques.

We can restore your motorcycle to its showroom shine by cleaning and every square inch of it. Not only do we hand-wash and dry motorcycles, we clean, treat and wax wheels as well. Our clay bar process removes all exterior contaminants without scratching the surface of a bike.

That’s not the end of the process, however. Next we use a micro finishing compound to remove minor scratches, light oxidation and other blemishes from your bike’s surface. We use a swirl remover to remove buffing marks and level out the paint and then apply a glaze that opens the clear coat for deep wax penetration.

We only use liquid wax, applied by hand, on the motorcycles we detail. This ensures a “wet” shine and provides protection for up to one year. Finally, we spray sealant that provides additional protection and shine.

M&M Auto Detailing is a member of the International Detailing Association and the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce.

Our Glastonbury store serves customers from throughout the state, including the communities of East Hampton, East Hartford,Portland, Manchester, Cromwell, Bolton, Rocky Hill, Andover, Wethersfield, Hebron, Hartford, Marlborough, Vernon, Newington and South Windsor.

The next time you look at your motorcycle and think it could use a detailing, stop by or give us a call. We’re Connecticut’s best option for motorcycle detailing.

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