Protecting Your Car from Road Salt and Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Car from Ice & Snow

The winter months can take a terrible toll on your car and all of that snow and ice can really do some damage, especially when it arrives in large quantities (you ‘New Englanders’ certainly know what I’m talking about).

When it snows and you need to drive, most of us simply think about removing the snow so you can hop back in your vehicle and kick on the heat.  We usually don’t think about whether or not we’re causing any damage to the exterior of the vehicle when removing snow.  But the reality is that it’s quite easy to cause damage, if the proper tools aren’t used and proper precautions are taken.

Removing Snow
When the snows come down really hard, a lot of people make the mistake of trying to remove the accumulated snow from their vehicle with a shovel, broom or other abrasive tool. This is a big no-no, as even attempting to do it carefully there is still a high risk that  a sharp edge will come in to contact with your car’s paint, causing deep, nasty scratches and gouges. Consider using specialty products like a ‘Snow Broom‘ with soft, foam edges.

Dealing with Ice
In order to protect car paint from winter means dealing with ice. Even though ice does not usually accumulate to the same levels of snow, even a little bit of ice can be a problem. Ice can be difficult to remove; however, do not be tempted to use the ice scraper that you use on your windows. The edge of the scraper is made from sturdy and hard plastic which, although suitable for the windows of your car, will more than likely scratch your paintwork.
If you need to remove large chunks of ice from your vehicle, simply turn on your car and let it sit for a few moments.  This will help defrost your car allowing the ice to melt and flake off.

The best thing you can do to protect your car from ice and snow, is to make sure that you keep your vehicle covered in bad weather, either a garage, car port or car cover.  If cover is not available, you may want to consider having your vehicle properly waxed by an auto detailing professional as this can help prevent the harsh elements (and human error) causing any scratches, scrapes and gouges.
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