Prevent Car Sun Damage

Protecting Your Car Interior from the Sun

According to the reports we’ve read from the State Farm Vehicle Research Facility, the temperature inside your car on a hot day can reach upwards of 195°F. Not only is this dangerous for the health and safety of anyone stuck inside, but it can also cause immense damage to the PVC of your dashboard and the leather of your seats.

So how can you protect your car interior from the sun? Here are just a few ideas.

1. Sun Screens

These are the easiest and most affordable way to keep UVA/UVB rays from piercing your car’s front windshield. Sunscreens are made of mylar and nylon, and they’ll stop the sun from shining directly on your automobile interior. They won’t do much for the internal temperature, unfortunately, but at least your dashboard won’t burn your hand when you touch it for the first time after a long shopping trip.

2. Window Shades

These shades are drawn over your windows from the inside. Their pros are that they’relight, affordable and convenient, and they can also cover all of your windows, not just the front windshield. Their cons are that they’re very flimsy and liable to snap up during bumpy drives. Consider their benefits and drawbacks before installing them in your vehicle.

3. Window Tinting

If you really want to protect your interior, consider having your windows professionally tinted. Tints will offer deeper, longer-lasting protection than simple hangings, and they’re also permanent, so you won’t have to worry about screens falling out of place or shades losing effectiveness over time. A high-quality window tint can last for decades.

4. Leather Protection Spray

If your leather seats are becoming brittle or discolored, you might want to protect them individually with leather protection spray. These liquids will soak into the fabric and dry it into a tougher material than it was before, insulating it against both the sun and the wind to ensure that your leather retains its quality for years to come.

5. The Right Cleaning Supplies

Did you know that certain cleaning supplies can actually increase your car’s susceptibility to sun damage? You may think you’re giving your vehicle a sense of style with that high-shine cleanser, but you’re actually just inviting sun glare to your dashboard and interior walls. Use a cleanser with a matte finish instead.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while protecting your car interior from the sun. Feel free to contact us directly for more information and inspiration. We’re here to help!

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