Selling Car Detail It

Selling Your Car? Detail It!

There are a lot of things to take into account when taking the decision to sell your old car.  You need to make sure the car is road worthy, up to date on maintenance, set at a reasonable price and … presentable.  Which is why we recommend detailing your vehicle when it’s time to sell.

It’s these detailing services which can make all the difference to how quickly your car sells, and how much you get for it.

Does it work? Here is an actual quote/review from our Google+ Page: ” I was selling my 2003 Toyota Camry and decided to have it detailed at M&M. It came out looking brand new and I was able to sell the car for almost $1000 more than I thought I could get for it. Well worth the small amount they charge for this service. I’m having my other cars detailed too.”

Try asking yourself this simple question: What’s the difference between a professional car lot selling used autos, and the ordinary man on the street selling his old motor online?

It isn’t a trick question. Compare the average showroom photos of a used car dealership to the photos of somebody selling their car independently on Craigslist (or any other site).

See a difference? The dealership cars look pristine, shiny, and almost as new in most cases, while the for-sale-by-owner cars tend to look timeworn and dull, with scratches on the body, a messy interior or fading paintwork – in other words like any old car on the street.

It isn’t a hoax. The showrooms aren’t pulling a fast one on anybody. They just have the professional detailing services at hand that make an old car look its absolute best.

They make a series of little touch ups to make the car look and run as well as it possibly can to make it more marketable. And it works. Car dealers can increase the trade-in value tremendously for a vehicle that looks and smells good.

After all you’d probably have concerns about buying a used car from a dealership if it didn’t look in top condition. So when it comes to selling your own car, why should you offer potential customers anything less?

With detailing, the insider tricks of the trade that work for used-auto dealers can work for you too.

Detailing will not only show the customer how beautiful your vehicle is but it will also provide them with peace of mind knowing that the seller took proper care of the vehicle, thus, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.  When a customer sees that bright, shiny paint, plush seats and fresh smelling interior, it will surely convince them that this is the car they want, and need!

Not to mention, when your car is posted online, it will most definitely stand out with a proper detailing and waxing – it’s a win-win!

Car detailing is nothing but a smart investment for anybody looking to sell a used car fast, and for a high(er) price. It can make your car stand out in pages of pages of ads, and can leave a potential customer confident that they’ve made the right choice when they come to check out the car in person.

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