The Dangers Of Automatic Car Washes

The Dangers Of Automatic Car Washes

Automatic car washes have gained popularity as they are hassle-free and time-saving. However, despite their convenience, automatic car washes do more harm than good to your car. Here’s how:

The water used is recycled

Automatic car washes are the most environmentally friendly and water-economical means of having your car cleaned as they are designed to reuse water. In as much as purification systems might be installed to remove contaminants, they are not 100 percent efficient. This results in grit and dirt scratching the surface of your car as it is washed.

Harsh cleaning agents

Every business has an aim of maximizing profits by minimizing operational costs. The use of cheap cleaning agents, whose main ingredient acid is not entirely unheard of especially in touchless carwashes. Though the outcome is a sparkling clean car, the acid gradually erodes your car’s paint and the protective wax.

Automatic car washes that are not touchless make use of rotating brushes which rub against the car to remove dirt. Though the contact might not be aggressive, a closer look at your car will reveal scratches and swirls which eventually dull your car.

Not all dirt is removed

The lack of contact especially for automatic touchless car washes hinders their capability to clean the vehicle wholly. Trouble spots are not identified and given the attention they should be when you use automatic systems to clean your car. Accumulated dirt only means that your car will be looking dismal as the days go by.

Drying technique

The heated air that dries off water is in most cases not sufficient. Driving off in a car that is not completely dry generates spots and lingering streaks, which if not immediately cleaned up with a spray cleaner requires intensive polishing in the long run.

What to look out for the hand dry option

Though most automatic car washes use heated air to dry off the excess water, some of them have attendants who hand-wipe your car once the cleaning is done. This is okay as long as soft and clean towels are used, which is not the case in the majority of the car washes. Abrasive and dirty towels as a result of drying multiple vehicles result in your car getting scratches and its paint becoming marred.

A well-maintained car with the finish looking prim translates to a higher resale value. Though automatic car washes may make your car look decent in the short term, continuous use results into a scratched and an unsightly car in the long haul.