Clean Car With Kids

5 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean With Kids

If you’ve got tiny tots cruising with you around town, most likely you are constantly fighting the battle of the car chaos. Many of us have all had the discussion about “No food or drink, no markers and no putting your feet up on the seats!”.

Well if you have kids of any age, you know that those rules didn’t last very long.
Here are 5 Tips on keeping your new car looking that way, even with the cute faces that pile up in the back seat.

  1. Garbage. We all accumulate it, with the snack wrappers, fast food bags, and leftover receipts, it doesn’t take much to suddenly feel like you are driving a dumpster instead of a Volvo. The easiest way to keep garbage from snowballing is to have a spot to put it. You need to choose a trash bag/bin location, so as soon as you buy that coffee and they hand you the receipt, you immediately throw it in the traveling garbage bin/bag. Even a small box or storage bin may do the trick. Leave it on the ground in your passenger seat then empty it every time you fill up for gas, this way it never gets out of control.
  2. Toys. Kids are notorious for bringing toys into the car and then forgetting about them as they jump out. This can get out of control fast. There is an easy solution, try purchasing a car organizer that hangs off the back of your passenger seat. It has pockets and slots for them to put their toys in so not only is everything organized but it prevents toys rolling under the pedals. Invest in a good one that has the pockets and holders that work best for your kids toys.
  3. Seat Covers. With or without kids, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have seat covers, especially for the front driver and passenger seats! Kid are always kicking and resting their feet on the seats and arm rests. This will cause permanent damage and become a major eye sore in your nice car. Get those seats covered so that you can protect the value of your car.
  4. Car Detailing. Invest in a professional detail every once in a while (ehem, we know of one!) Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with the day to day commute, especially with kids, all while keeping your vehicle clean. A professional detail will give your vehicle a nice face-lift/overhaul that it needs.
  5. Supplies. Stay stocked up on napkins, wet wipes and some rags. Keep these out of sight by storing them in the glove box or under your front seats at all times. They will be life savers! Your kid spilled something? Their nose is running? You’ve already got the immediate solution.

Try these simple solutions and make the switch from that car of chaos to a clean and enjoyable ride. From here on out, instead of being embarrassed when a friend hops into your car, you can offer a ride without hustling to tidy it up!

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