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Top 10 Car Engine Detailing Tips & Tricks

When most people think about getting their cars detailed, they automatically focus on the exterior, such as the paint job, or interior, especially the seating area. Of course, we do lots of such stylish details for our clients. They are one of the specialties here at M&M Auto Detailing.

However, years of experience have taught us that it is also important to take care of parts of the vehicle that may not be visible on a daily basis. That is why we always discuss engine detailing with our clients.

Anyone who wants to keep their vehicle in pristine condition needs to know the following top ten engine detailing tips and tricks.

1. Calm Down

Most importantly, never worry about doing an engine bay job. Manufacturers have fitted the area with more than enough protection. Go ahead and get things nice and shiny.

2. Pick Out the Right Materials

We recommend keeping this process as simple as possible. Our car detailing materials are a brush, cloth, degreaser, protectant and applicator. No need for overkill here.

3. Perform a Detailing Every 3 to 6 months

Doing so avoids dirt buildup and keeps the jobs simple. We want the process to be as short and sweet as possible. Regular engine bay details are the best way to ensure things never get out of hand.

4. Work on a Cool or Slightly Warm Engine

Never work on a hot engine. Now, we sometimes want ours to be a little warm. So, before starting the cleaning job, we run the car for no longer than 2 minutes.

5. Do the Job in the Morning

We love waking up early on the weekends and cleaning the engine bay. The car has been sitting all night and is already cool. Again, never work on a hot engine.

6. Cover Sensitive Parts

Watch out for the water. We always cover the areas that are liquid sensitive. These include the alternator, filters and air intake.

7. Work From the Top Down

To get the best cleaning, we always apply water from the top going down. This procedure rinses the dirt off and onto the ground.

We have seen some novices spraying water all over the place. They merely shift the dirt from one place to another.

8. Dry From the Top Down

Likewise, we always dry from the top of the engine bay down, using a microfiber towel for a sparkling cleaning.

9. Use Compressed Air

Often there are air pockets in hard to reach spots. We suggest removing this water by spraying the areas with compressed air.

10. Shine at the End

After the engine is all clean and free of dirt, we apply a sealant or wax to get a deep shine.

Armed with these tips and tricks, anyone can clean their engine bay to perfection. Looking for a professional detailing touch? Call M&M today!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Car Engine Detailing Tips & Tricks

  1. December 7, 2016

    These are great tips for detailing your car. Drying from the top down seems like common knowledge but some people just don’t do it. I’ll make sure the next time I detail my ride that I follow these tips to the letter.

  2. January 10, 2018

    It’s best to get it done right before having a car wash. If you live (and drive usually) in the city, it is recommended that you clean your engine and engine bay 1-2 times a year. But if you live near the sea or in a place where there are often harsh weather conditions, it is advised that you do it every 2-3 months.

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