When is the best time of year, and season, to have your car detailed?

When is the best time of year, and season, to have your car detailed?

As an auto detailer, we get asked a lot of questions regarding car detailing. And one of the common questions that keep on popping from many of the motorists is “when is the right time of the year to conduct a car detailing?”
Well, it` s recommended that a car should have regular detailing, at least once in every four months. There` re many reasons behind this reasons, first off, most of commonly applied waxes have a typical lifespan of 3-4 months and once the wax is depleted, the external elements wreck havoc on the paint. Secondly, in every season, pollen, insects and other contaminants lodge on your car` s surface and can result in damage. And for motorists who love taking their cars through the automated car washes, there` s a risk of inflicting damage on the external paint. The brushes and towels used in the car wash can lead to minor scratches, also known as swirls to the paint.

However, due to the financial constraints, economic reasons, the severity of the seasons and ideality of a car detailing process, we always encourage our clients to conduct a comprehensive car detailing during the fall and summer seasons.


Summer happens to be the busiest seasons for most people. For those with cars, it` s a time to take a vacation, go for some sporting activities, and tour a lot. The summer season is not as welcoming for the car as it gets a fair share of the merriment with the interior having to host some bizarre objects such as food, coffee spills, and other stains. On the other hand, the exterior becomes the unwilling receptor of impurities such as bird droppings, tree sap, bug splats and acid rain. Also, the harsh UV rays during the summer are detrimental to the quality of your car` s paint. The Rays will fade the color.

The ideality of the summer season stems from the fact that it offers more sunlight. Unless you` re using a high quality paste, waxing during the dry weather allows the wax to dry-out before it protects the car. For the interior detailing, we recommend that you only use UV protective products to drape the interior to inhibit cracking and fading. And for the exterior, detail all the exterior windows by applying paint sealant or wax to enable a safer and faster drive during the rainy periods.


To avoid the deadly effects of winter, we recommend that you detail your car during the fall or before the very beginning of the winter season to prevent your vehicle from the early frosts. In most cases, winter is associated with salty conditions which can provide an ideal condition for the development of rust, damage to the clear finish and affect the mechanics of your car.

Since the temperatures during fall are quite moderate, motorists can capitalize on the conditions to bolster and add an extra protection to their vehicle. By the time winter is hitting on the ground, we shall have installed a proper protection system to your car.